Volunteering is FUN, and our races would not be possible without our many awesome volunteers. Volunteers can raise funds for a charity of their choice, or earn $10/hour volunteered in Race Credit. If it's community service hours you need, we are happy to help! Race credit earned is transferable, so bring your friends!

Volunteers are always needed for the following tasks:

  • Setup (day before race)

  • On-Course: Water Stations, Finish Line, Back-up Timing and more

  • Breakdown and Cleanup

It will be necessary to fill out and supply a USAT volunteer waiver, available to download here (PDF) when volunteering at our triathlons, and a USATF volunteer waiver (minors), available to download here (PDF) for our running races as well as a USATF volunteer waiver (18+), available to download here (PDF). In order to insure your race credit is applied, please check-in and check-out with the volunteer coordinator, and give them your name, birth date, phone number, and email address. Also, if you are volunteering to earn race credit for a friend or family member, please give the volunteer coordinator their information as well so the credit can go to their account. Race credits are cumulative and never expire, so volunteer all you want!

Please email info@multirace.com for further details.