About our pre-race clinic

Official MultiRace Pre-Race Clinic:

Learn all you need to know about your next MultiRace race from one of the most experienced USA Triathlon Certified coaches in South Florida. The Coach will go over every race detail to ensure you have a safe and fun race; from USA Triathlon rules and regulations, to how to have the fastest transition, to tips on nutrition.

When: The day before each event.

Where: Please check the individual race website for time and location info.

Purpose: The MultiRace 101 clinic was created to help triathletes and duathletes learn everything they need to know to successfully, and safely complete a triathlon.  The course is required for any first time triathlete wishing to receive a finisher's medal at a MultiRace event. The Pre-Race Clinic is open to anyone with questions, or just looking to expand their knowledge about triathlons.  It is not necessary to be registered for any event to attend our prerace clinic!

Content: The course will cover the basic things you need to know to successfully and safely complete a triathlon, including but not limited to:

  1. USAT Rules & Regulations
  2. Registration Procedures
  3. Common Mistakes
  4. Equipment Overview
  5. Race Numbers
  6. Timing Chips
  7. Course Overview for That Specific Venue (Swim, Bike, & Run)
  8. What to do if certain situations arise
  9. Training Tips
  10. MultiRace Rules & Results
  11. What is available on the website MultiRace
  12. Penalties
  13. Transition Practice
  14. Maybe Even a Partial Course Tour (if at race location)