Meet the team

  • Carlos Romero

    There’s nothing quite like the feeling I get when I race a triathlon. Not only is it a challenge for myself, but it’s a challenge for everyone who supports me and who comes to me wanting to do it as well. I’ve been training and racing triathlons for the past three years and it’s turned my life around completely. Since I can remember, up until I started with triathlon I have never been one to entertain the idea of being an endurance athlete. Now I get up to train and it feels good to know that this isn’t something that’s short-term, or just a phase, it's a lifestyle. I love how pumped everyone is in every race, whether they’re anxious, itchy, or just looking at the race like another training day. The energy is uplifting and everyone I meet is always someone I look forward to seeing in the next one. I’m 24, a full-time student at FIU, and currently qualified for the ITU world’s in Fyn Island, Denmark; I look forward to spreading the word and work of MultiRace and the absolutely fantastic community that they’ve come to build. I love this sport and everything about it and if you want to learn what the life of wearing the weirdest tan lines is, just come with either one of us and we’ll show you da wae!
  • Danny Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez is currently a student majoring in Athletic Training at the University of Miami. He grew up playing soccer as a goalkeeper for ten years, but fell in love with racing after completing his first 10K in 2015. That same year he decided to join his high school cross country team where he would run in the State championship his senior year. Daniel has currently completed many 5k and 10k races and two triathlons. He hopes to race more throughout his life and he is part of the “TriCanes” triathlon club at the University of Miami. 
  • Erin Cernuda

    My name is Erin Cernuda. I love the outdoors and athletics. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but relocated to Miami, Florida for college. A few years ago, I volunteered at a few triathlons and it looked like so much fun! After having twin girls and starting an amazing family, I did my first triathlon. After that first race, I was hooked. Our family loves hiking, rock climbing, gardening and being active.
  • Carime Muvdi

    CARIME MUVDI is a Nutritionist, Speaker and Author.  She wrote HOW TO LOOK AND FEEL FABULOUS AFTER 50; Simple Health Tips to Eat Better, Have More Energy and Lose Weight in the Process.  She specializes in helping and motivating people achieve their goals through proper nutrition and exercise, creating life-long healthy habits.   She has been doing triathlons for one year.  Carime classified for ITU Multisport  Worldchampionships  in Denmark July 2018 at Miami Man.  She will be doing the long distance Aquabike.
  • Sammy Flores

    I'm a Pastor at Christ Fellowship, a Multisite Church in Miami, Florida and Director of Guest Experience and Connections. I am the husband to Linda, father to April, Andrew and Austin and Papa Sam to Isaac and Lila Pepin. I’ve competed in all distances of Triathlon. I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt in American Taekwando. I received a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Vocal Performance and Ministry.
    Some of my most recent accomplishments have been to to Qualify for the 2018 Multisport World Championships in Long Distance Triathlon. To participate on Team USA and compete in the 2017 World Championships in Penticton, Canada in Long Distance Triathlon. I delivered the invocation at the 2017 Eco Boost  NASCAR Championships at the Homestead/Miami Speedway
    I was the Emcee at the 2017 Orange Bowl Prayer Breakfast.
  • William Vargas

     It all started for me as a mountain bike hobby back in 2005. Shortly after, I decided to get into the racing scene participating in my first ever MTB race on January 2006 at Oleta River State Park. The hobby soon grew into a fun, competitive experience which led me to participate in the Coconut Cut MTB series and the Florida State MTB Championship for the following eight years. It wasn't until 2012 that I was talked into trying out a triathlon, and so I did. Not being much of a runner and a pretty bad swimmer, I completed my first sprint triathlon yet immediately fell in love with the whole triathlon atmosphere. The people, the cheers, and the organization made the event a very enjoyable first-time experience. Since then, I have focused on triathlons completing multiple sprint, international and half iron distance triathlons, with the most noticeable achievement coming after completing the 2017 Multirace Miami Man Long Distance National Championship, where I was awarded a spot in Team USA for the 2018 ITU Long-Distance Triathlon World Championship
  • Kathy Gilmour

    Kathy Gilmour is originally from Massachusetts and now lives year round in Key West. She’s completed about 30 Sprint Triathlons over the past 5 years and has her sites set on her first Olympic in 2018. Far from having the typical body type for a triathlete, she competes as an Athena and hopes to encourage people that don’t think they can do it to just get off the couch and give it a Tri! Running is her weakest discipline but she’s determined to make herself a runner this year with some run races on her calendar including a 10k and a Half Marathon. Also on tap are the Swim Around Key West and the Key West Paddle Classic. You can follow her adventures at 
  • Andy Bohl

    Scuba diving brought me to Florida were I competed in triathlon for a brief time until scuba diving became a priority. I am now a Firefighter for Monroe County Fire Rescue, and part time scuba instructor. I returned to triathlon at the Miami Man Speedway 2015. It was supposed to be a one time return to triathlon but the event was such a positive experience that I continued with five more events in 2015 and six events in 2016. In the future I want to continue to compete but would like to contribute to the sport through coaching as well. HAPPY RACING!!!

  • Cindy Casady

    I’m Cindy Casady - better known as YaYa - to my four grandchildren, two daughters, and husband of 25 years. In 2007, after completing my first triathlon, I became gravely ill and was told I would never race or swim again. I sold my road bike, hung up my wet suit, and filed those dreams away.

    Approaching the age of 50, I decided to push myself one more time, entering a Spartan Race alongside my oldest daughter. I crossed the finish line, went far beyond my perceived limits, and loved every minute of it. YaYa was back. I completed two more races in 2017, a Warrior Dash and the Sprint on the Flint Triathlon. Not even asthma could stop me.

    2018 will be my most ambitious racing year to date, with multiple events lined up, to culminate with the Tri Key West in December. I turn 52 this year and as a member of Team Multirace, I will be giving myself the best gift I possibly can – a lifetime of health and fitness!

  • Sarah Landman

    I ran my first half marathon in 2010 and little did I know that what I thought would be a check off my bucket list would turn into my passion. I instantly fell in love with the sport and the incredible community that comes with it. I have now done 46 half marathons and 10 marathons to date and my current schedule has me completing well over 50 half marathons and 15 marathons by the end of 2018. Running has enriched my life in so many ways and I am so grateful for the dear friends I have gained and the life experiences I have been blessed with. I truly believe that if you ever feel like you are losing faith in humanity get out and run a marathon. It will move you. It will inspire you. It will redefine you. I am a firm believer that health is your greatest wealth, and when it comes to running I make sure to focus on proper training and put an emphasis on my recovery. Running will forever be a part of my life, which is why I make sure to take care of my body now so I can run when I’m old and gray. #raceandrecover #trainhardrestwell
  • Travis Horn

    For freelance documentary photographer, Travis Horn, triathlon is not a single event, nor a season, but a reason to love Miami.  His international assignments to developing countries require peak physical fitness.  To cover the story, Travis relentlessly follows his documentary subjects down any road and up any mountain, hauling 100+ lbs of photo and video gear.  For Travis, triathlon training in Miami is the perfect compliment to the physical demands of his job.  He takes advantage training year-round in Miami’s ideal natural conditions.  Travis is a member of several training groups across all triathlon disciplines.  He has been on the AG podium for several Mack Cycle triathlons, and has participating in the Chicago Triathlon Triple Triple Challenge and the Challenge Roth full Ironman distance triathlon in Germany.

  • Alexis Ferguson

     Growing up as an athlete in many team sports as well as running and swimming, I gave away a spot at the collegiate level but had to find some other sort of competition. I tried my first triathlon two years ago and volunteered at an Ironman just last year. The win in my first, and only, two triathlons has defiantly showed that I’m going to be an Iron-Woman some day! 
  • Nate Ringenberg

    • I'm super excited to join the MultiRace ambassador team. I have enjoyed sports and competition my whole life. After my college football career ended and I entered real life, I kept eating like I was still competing on the gridiron. That lead to some significant weight gain. Being a cheesburger away from a heart attack, I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change! In 2012, I started to eat better and exercise regularly. This is an on going journey. So far, I have lost 75 lbs. During this journey, I have found that it helps having big audacious goals to keep motivated. I still remember what I felt like running my first 5k! I have now completed 10 half-marathons and multiple triathlons, including a half-ironman distance race. What makes these sports great are my fellow competitors. I love the camaraderie that we all share as fellow athletes. This is such an incredible journey and I love competing! See you out on the course!
  • Jasmel Acosta

    Multiple time state champion in the martial art of Taekwondo (Venezuela)Taekwondo national champion in Venezuela, multiple time state champion in Miami, Florida. AAU National champion USA
    Black belt in Ninjutsu, Taekwondo
    Started in the triathlon world 2 years ago and since then 1st & 2nd place age grouper
  • Vicky Hopper

    Originally from Cambridge, England now living is St Petersburg, Florida.  On a training run one day I twisted my knee badly and switched to walking for rehab and just stuck with it.  I didn't think I would be 'good or fast enough' for racing as a walker.       As a walker I have completed several 5k/10k, half marathons, one 70.3 MiamiMan and 3 marathons with the third and final being in Chicago 2017.  I found triathlon and duathlon and love them.  I am not the fastest.  I have been DFL before.  I race against myself to try and be better than before.    I have raced MultiRace events.   I am goofy and fun loving and you will most likely hear me before you will see me when volunteering.    I love to cheer on others.  Glad to be a part of this team.  Look forward to seeing you out there.
  • Adam Ciperski

    Looking to fill a void from my college football days, I started triathlon 7 years ago and never looked back. My initial focus was returning to fitness and dropping weight after donating my kidney to my brother. Now, I’m a 3x Ironman and have completed 10 70.3s. Last year I broke my hip and collar bone in a training accident. Looking forward to getting back on track in 2018. I live in Cutler Bay with my wife Carla and our two children Theo and Sofia. Besides frequent work travel, you can find me supporting my children at musicals, plays or swim meets.
  • Brenda Defendini

    I was told this wasn’t for me because my pace, swim and size.. I was told to quit, but I do this for me and the pleasure it makes me feel even thought I get tired or scared and get the feeling I can’t... I do it for the people I have had the pleasure to meet and the places it has taken me to. For the fun, for the people who believes in me and supports me and the people I decided to surround with... but I also do it for you, to show you that you can do it, you can enjoy it and to remind you: you’re you own rival, there’s not limits, there isn´t  age, there’s not sizes..there’s nothing else but you and all the fun and laughs that are waiting for you out there
  • Maria Andreina Peña Bortone

    I come from a country called "Venezuela". There I started my sporting life in swimming, forming part of the Master Team of my native city (Merida), representing it in multiple national competitions. I started practicing Triathlon in 2012; from that day on I fell in love with this sport. I now live in Boca Raton, Florida and I am a member and part of the Bocatri (Boca Raton Triathletes). Some people thought that I would fail at all of this. Now  I just tell them that I am a swimmer of open water, Half Ironman Finisher, Half Marathon Finisher, Marathon Finisher and I am getting ready for my first grand moment, Ironman time! Live your life and achieve your dreams! The limits are in your mind! Now is the moment!
  • Maria Vallasciani

    I am originally from Argentina. I was recruited by Florida international university to play division 1 college tennis on a full scholarship. Upon graduation, I started mainly running and because one sport was not enough, a year ago I started training for triathlon. I have a very busy life, two jobs, currently a pediatric clinical dietitian, and working on my fourth degree (nursing). I love everything I do but competing and training is everything I ever known, since I was a kid. It is what drains my stress and drives my day. I enjoy every second of it and I am looking forward to a very exciting 2018.
  • Haley Dowding

    I'm Haley currently living in St Petersburg, FL. In 2015 I accomplished my first marathon! After that I said what's next? I decided to dip my toes in the triathlon world and fell in love completing my first triathlon last year. I'm so excited to be apart of the team! Happy racing!
  • Carlos Heras

    I was born in Venezuela and I stood out as a track runner in my university time, running 400 meters, the 4 x 400 meters relay and the long jump, they were my favorite tests, my change to the street for longer distance tests was not easy but I learned to enjoy it.

    Today I live in Miami and I have been in the world for about 22 years, I love teaching and designing training plans for my group, I do more than 1000 miles every year and that is a personal challenge that I want to keep for a lifetime. more important is that I am surrounded by the best people in the world and this motivates me to be better every day.
  • Ed Burrows

    I am a retired submarine veteran after spending 20 years in the World's Best Navy!  Got into running in 2009 and have done a lot of different distances.  I have only been a triathlete for 1 year, longest distance I have done is Olympic- working up to the longer distances.  Go Navy!
  • Kara Sangree

    Going from mile zero to the finish line, then from the finish line to the podium is a journey that changes you forever. My journey has taken me to mountain races, obstacle races, 5ks, half marathons, weight training and now into the multisport world of triathlons! I am passionate about sharing healthy living in all aspects of life, as well as constantly challenging myself with new opportunities and obstacles. This year brings the goal maximizing training, preventing injury and inspiring others! Get outside & Go!
  • Denis Carballo

    Denis Carballo is your weekend warrior with a passion for cycling, triathlons, and coffee. He did one sprint triathlon and was hooked from that moment. He struggled every minute of it but loved the satisfaction of the finish. He was fascinated with the challenge. Since then, he promotes the discipline of training and incorporates that into his life. To motivate others to tri and do their best, hurt a little and smile at the end with others. “ It never gets easier, you just get faster” -Greg Lemond
  • Dylan Beitel

    My name is Dylan Beitel and I am a third year sports management and political science major at the University of Florida.  I am currently the president of the University of Florida TriGators Triathlon Team.  I have completed 3 marathons, 8 half marathons, and 3 70.3 Half Ironman races.  For 2018 I plan on racing at the USAT Collegiate Club National Championships, Age Group Nationals, 2 Ironman70.3 races, and Ironman Chattanooga.  Triathlon is my therapy and release from all the stress life throws my way.
  • Renata Avila

    I am from São Paulo, Brazil and since 2005 living in Miami, Florida. In 2013, after finish my first Half Marathon, I knew it was just the beginning... The following year, I did my first Triathlon “Tri-Miami” and my passion for the sport has increased over the years. Now, I can not think about myself spending a day without training. I’m looking forward to the 2018 season as part of Team Multirace and lots of fun races.
  • Debra Robenhymer

     I am a Native Floridian. Such Super Year Round Weather here, I never appreciated the great outdoors until I discovered Triathlon.  I was a confirmed Couch potato, working full time, and raising 2 kids... I never made time for me. As my kids became more independent 5 years ago, I started running and swimming to get healthy.....some friends said, "You can swim and run, why not get a bike and do triathlons?"  Ahh, the blessings of peer pressure...hahaha...I am now hooked...I have completed over 125 races in the last 5 years, from individual swim races and running events to Multisport events and Championships.  With no athletic background at all, I feel thrilled of all that I have accomplished in this sport.  It is never too late in life to find something that can change your life.
  • Nelly Becarra

    Her career as a triathlete started in 1993 after her first daughter Andrea Paola was born and her career as a triathlete of long distances like “Ironman” started in 1997 after her second daughter Ana Daniela was born. Nelly has been competing for more than 20 years. She has the national record of CATEGORY by MASTER AGE of large distance Ironman, 10hrs 04 min was her time in the Panama City Ironman in 2001. Nelly has been a triathlon champion in consecutive years in her category in olympic distance and sprint. She has qualified 6 times to the world championship of long distances in the famous island of Kona, Hawaii. She has been member of the Executive Committee of the Mexican Triathlon Federation since 1999 and is currently Secretary ­General of the same. She has received several awards and honors nationally for her support and promotion to women's sports.
  • Tina Sujana

    Originally from Kent, England, Tina moved to SWFL 18 years ago. She became an athlete later in life, favoring ultra distance running and road biking. She has accomplished many age group wins and has run 13 marathons, 2 ultra marathons and numerous charity bike rides. She currently resides in Lee County and is a member of local clubs - the Caloosa Riders and the Speedsters running group. Tina is a group ride leader, and a level 1 running coach. She is now focusing on duathlon and is looking forward to competing in Miami Man, and the World duathlon championships.  

    She also donates her time helping coordinate local charity ride events, and volunteers rebuilding old bikes for a non-profit, which gives bikes out to the homeless and needy.  

    Tina is always willing to help someone new to the sport, and looks forward to being an ambassador for Multirace. 

  • Dale C Wolfe

    Best described as an "Endurance Tourist", Dale and his wife have embraced triathlon and duathlon after moving to Miami.
  • Maxence Doytier

    Maxence Doytier is an animate, fun-loving runner in the South Florida community. He found his love for running in High School Cross Country. Since then, he has raced over 100 5k races and even completed his first Full Marathon in Feb 2016 (with a time of 3hr:26min).

    His passion for running and appreciation of the sweat life has pushed his athleticism into new ventures. He has since added triathlon training into the mix. This past December (2017) he completed his first 70.3 Half Ironman (with a time of 6hr:05min). With a positive outcome and a thirst for a bigger challenge, he will one day ride to the top and compete in a Full Ironman.

    Maxence has continued his growth in the sports realm by incorporating yoga within his training. He has completed his RYT-300 level course and is certified to instruct mindful transitions and proper breathing technique. In combination with his love of running and yoga, he has created a unique program that brings the two together in perfect harmony. Maxence has developed an hour program called Meditation in Motion, that uses elements of yoga breath work and stretch to help balance and compliment an active running schedule. 

    Maxence loves the MultiRace family as well as the racing community. MultiRace puts on the biggest local races in the South Florida Tri-country Area. The turnout is always amazing and the race participants always start and finish with the biggest smile on their faces - regardless if you are a first timer or a seasoned athlete. Also, MultiRace believes that everyone who competes will be given the opportunity to finish. They rally volunteers and staff to cheer every person who finish first and last just the same. The race course isn’t completely finished till everyone crosses the finish line. They want everyone to cross that finish line - where time slows down and the greatest satisfaction of life preceded them - they did it, they did what most dream of, they are a Multi Race finisher. 
  • Domingo Mirabal

    My name is Domingo Mirabal and I’m 29 years of age, originally born in Caracas, Venezuela and highly passionate about nutrition, fitness and especially endurance sports. In my early years I was a natural swimmer and as a teenager I did my first 1/2 marathon which made me fall in love with running . Ever since I’ve been running triathlon has been in my heart. The pure complexity of conquering the 3 disciplines makes it a tough and fun sport. To do an Ironman at age 30 is one of my most challenging goals; I’m grateful to be able to get closer to it thanks to MultiRace and with faith that with hard work anything is possible! 
  • Ramon Vivas

    I  am originally from Caracas, Venezuela, now I live in "Paradise" Miami.  I have been an amateur athlete since my high school years I have practiced surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, mountain biking, trekking ... As a rookie runner I have completed several 5K, 10K and a couple of half marathons. I am living proof that you can achieve what you set yourself up to, and leave bad habits behind!!!
    I am very happy and excited to be part of this team. I hope to see you there in this coming season 2018!!!